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A Company Portal that makes your business run more effectively

Any organisation that seeks to scale knows the foundation requires sound internal communication. Whether a licence holder, franchisee or other organisation with many team members, this starts with having everyone on the same page. With YTML's help that page can start with a professional and well organised Intranet Portal.

For some industries, there is the additional headache of regulation and compliance. This headache can disappear with effective sharing of documents, processes, policies and other important information to associates, staff, and members.

What is an Intranet Portal?

The easiest way to think about the definition of an Intranet portal is a "website with a password". An Intranet is designed for usage by a limited number of people due to its purpose of sharing confidential or company sensitive information. This can include but is not limited to a newsfeed, document and template management, contact database, company processes, policies, and other tools or information.

The following features are therefore important to almost all portals:

Portal login

Where users register, or sign in with their username / email and password.

Intranet dashboard

The dashboard is the front page where all Intranet tools can be accessed via menu and / or icons.

Document Management

Where important client or company documents are stored.

Communication software

In its most simple form, this can be an online or downloadable list of up-to-date important company contacts.

Policies and procedures

For compliance, regulatory, or efficiency purposes an Intranet can be used to share common ways team members must do things.

Ready to enhance your company's internal communication?

Is an Intranet portal right for my business?

Intranets are used by companies of all shapes and sizes, but most relevant to those with large teams. The more distance or less formal working relationship the more value a portal can add by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Here are some example well-known companies that use Intranets:

Intranets aren't just for large companies

Here are some more example companies that have built Business Portals:

Retire Invest Business Portal
Besides Intranet best practice, this Business Portal also shares news and events, marketing information, alongside access to paraplanning and other expertise.
Financial Services Partners Portal
This Adviser Portal is used for Financial Planners to access important compliance and ASIC information, training materials, and other useful market research and financial reports.
Millennium3 Company Portal
This company portal is primarily used for sharing company rules, professional standards, documents, forms and templates.

Can I see an example Intranet?

Due to their sensitive content, it's usually not possible to see real world Intranets. YTML are working hard to launch a data-sanitized version you can view online. In the mean-time, please contact us and we'll be happy to arrange you a demo of our Intranet software.