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High Volume Outsourced Paraplanning

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Driven by our technology, our high volume paraplanning service is a fast and cost effective solution where an event has triggered the need to provide groups of clients with simple advice in an advice document (SOA or ROA).

Such events include:

  • Reduced operating costs such as office space, technology, and employment
  • Greater flexibility in your business
  • Spend more time with the client and focus on business core functions


  • High volume of documents delivered in a short time-frame (50 SoAs in a week post set-up)
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Cost effective for SoA volumes in excess of 50

Why outsource your paraplanning

Paraplanning is a valuable function that every financial planning practice needs. Not only does it require a high degree of technical knowledge, more importantly, but it also requires exceptional written skill to translate the technical into simple concepts for the everyday client.

For many practices, the cost of paraplanning is high, especially if it is not off-shored. This cost can be further acerbated if a high volume of advice documents are required to be generated within a short timeframe, such as moving licensees or transitioning to a new platform to save on fees.

Having an Outsourced Paraplanning solution which helps with these events will allow you to execute your business strategy quickly and effectively.

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