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Our COIN Services

COIN Consulting Solution for Financial Planners - Image 1

Design & Development Solutions

  • Interface design and administration
  • Field definition and conditioning
  • Style and theme setup
  • Wizards and Quickplans
  • Automated activity controls
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Advice Document, Reporting & Workflows

  • Template coding
  • Client and management reporting
  • Task and thread templates
  • Benchmarking
  • Search and alert configuration
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Site Administration & Support Services

  • User setup and access control
  • Troubleshooting advice and support
  • Datafeed administration
  • Upgrade testing
  • Training guides and learning tools
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Integration & Implementation Services

  • Technical consulting
  • Data migration
  • System integration
  • Project planning
  • Documentation support
  • Technical support and training

COIN Solutions and Advice

Our COIN specialists use their comprehensive knowledge of advice practices and technology to allow both small and large practices to tailor their use of COIN, introducing new possibilities and ensuring they gain maximum value from their COIN solution.

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Our Testimonials